The last few days promised rain, but as it alway is with weather in Italy, it was unpredictable. When it says it will rain, it never does and then when you least expect it, it shows up. The weather says that it will rain and then just to spite you it doesn't. That is how I got caught in the rain 2 weeks ago. Blue skies were predicted and yet there was a torrential downpour. I loved it!  I can't say why rain makes me feel better, why it lifts my mood and makes me think of new possibilities. Maybe it has to do with its cleansing benefits. In the desert, I always knew what the rain smelled like. What made it that way. In Florence, I am at a loss. Perhaps because we still don't know each other that well, even after 8 months of living here. I just know that every time it has me thinking about a rebirth, getting out of my funk and working harder on my project,