I seriously am having a hard time shaking this fink I am in. It is beginning to worry me a bit actually... That being said, I still have to power through finals. Most of the work for my business class is completed thankfully. However, I still need to complete a 5-7 minute narrated slideshow for my fine art class. You are to talk about the work as though you are presenting it to a gallery. I don't know why, but I have the hardest time talking about my work. Yes I am getting better at it but I am very concise in my approach meaning my presentation is not at 5 minutes. I know people who get all flowery when they are talking about their work and all I can think is that it sounds like a bunch of BS. That they are trying to make up for something that isn't there... because their work doesn't stand on its own. Art school and the art world in general is no joke! It is hard, frustrating and exasperating at times. However making art, that one image that is magic, that makes it all worth it in the end. Let's face it, I have a love hate relationship with art life!