Goals and the Happiness Project

I hate to be cliché and use the phrase "new year, new me" but I have started a practice that I believe will help me attain my goals and increase my overall happiness and who doesn't want that. It is proven that people who write down their goals and specify exactly how they plan on obtaining them are more likely to do so. Since the beginning of 2016, I have been writing down three things that I am grateful for and happy about. Each day they have to be something different and why I feel grateful/happy for these things in my life. (Currently reading The Happiness Project where I got the idea from) Then I write down my goals. There are two and every day they are the same. First, nailing my final thesis presentation so that I can graduate. I will achieve this by continuing to photograph myself for my project and working on developing a strong portfolio and working on the completion of my presentation to the committee. Both of which I will work on throughout the spring semester in my portfolio and presentation class. Second, achieving my best self. While I wouldn't say this project has been cathartic, I am at the point where I want to be happy again and feel proud and accomplished of all that I have achieved. I am accomplishing this goal through therapy (this is a first for me), working out and giving up wine for the month of January!