Down the Rabbit Hole

I am slowly starting to feel the depression setting back in. This "artist" residency is nothing like I thought it would be. At least I am able to photograph myself inside of my studio. Otherwise I would have had to go back home a long time ago. It is really hard being here. I know that I must sound like a spoiled brat. Yet I am so broke to where I can't go anywhere, I spend 99% of my time alone and I am working for a school and getting nothing in return. If I was a book maker, painter or film photographer I would have studio space. As a digital photographer, not so much. Not to mention that their PS software is so old I don't recognize it. The only thing keeping me here is knowing that I have a friend coming for ten day next week and my dad and his wife are coming 2 weeks after that. I have decided to come home early. I need more variety of spaces to work within and am scared that the depression might get worse. I'll finally be able to have the money to do some traveling at the end of September but at this point I don't even feel like it. The saving grace is my project. It allows me to funnel all my emotions into it.