One of my fellow classmates today asked me if I was homesick. I realized that they were feeling a bit down. I on the other hand thought I hadn't been here long enough ( only a month) to truly miss anyone. Yet seeing that they were and wanting to empathize, I remembered the first time I traveled abroad for the first time, not to mention by myself. It was for a month. Never having traveled alone before, I didn't think anything of it.  Four weeks, thirty days, it's nothing. Well it isn't. Not at first. Especially those who spend the majority of their time/lives surrounded by other people. That is not to say that it is a bad thing, it just makes solo travel a bit harder when you are also dealing with separation anxiety. To be honest, had I not traveled to Italy 3 years ago (almost) for the first time by myself, I don't know if I could handle a year here by myself. Somedays the only speaking I do is to order food. There are a few friends, but time is spent in a few hours, here or there every other week. For the most part it is you, I think that is the thing people have the hardest time with... Being alone with themselves, To be honest I am almost fearful that I am too comfortable with my own company. Though I am trying very hard in order to learn the language so that I can more fully integrate myself into Italian life. For now I will stick to what I know and love: Cibo!