My first day in Florence

So I happened to have arrived in Florence yesterday, but due to the worst case of jet lag I have yet to experience, I put of writing until today. I am looking forward to discovering Florence. I have a special area of Rome that I know quite well, but seeing as I am lucky enough to be living here over the next year, I want to find my special place in Florence. The whole idea of living here is very surreal, however major technological issues, such as phone and internet prove that indeed I am in a completely different country. However, I feel even more connected to myself without all of the technology. I no longer walk around with headphones in trying to detach myself from where I am. Instead I observe everything, scents, sounds, architecture and people. I do get quite the curious looks, but I guess a pale woman with reddish blonde hair and blue eyes would. Though I am completely okay with that. My Italian is mediocre at best, though I plan on being fluent by summer. I feel when I am overhearing a conversation that there is some kind of inside joke that I am not being let in on. I need to be fluent! In the meantime, more vino and pasta! Those are the other two languages I speak frequently!